Top Real Estate Agents Tell How They Do It: Jere Metcalf Podcast

233. Best of' Interviews: Success from Outside the Box Thinking

August 07, 2021 Jere Metcalf Partners Episode 233
Top Real Estate Agents Tell How They Do It: Jere Metcalf Podcast
233. Best of' Interviews: Success from Outside the Box Thinking
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Today is a 'Best of' on Success from Outside the Box Thinking from interviews with Andrew Ernemann, Shaw Woof & Avery Carl all just as different from one another as in they are in their approach to their businesses.

Andrew is the top real estate agent in Aspen Colorado, consistently breaking sales records including at the forefront of COVID before the market came back. He did it using digital solutions and the right conversations. 

Shaw is an agent in Muskoka Canada, a market with a short season and no sense of urgency. Shaw looked at what most brokers saw as a problem and found the approach that created a massive opportunity, eliminated any competition, and made him the number one agent in his market.

Last but not least, Avery Carl, perhaps the truly unique broker of all. Avery's business isn't the typical luxury business yet she has streamlined to a hundred fifty-plus million dollar business in less than 5 years. Avery has not only a unique market, her approach to win and serve clients is just as unique and nothing short of brilliant.

First, from episode 183.  Andrew Ernemann: Killing it with a Lethal Combination of Habit and Creativity.

Next, from episode 180. Shawn Woof Interview: How to Align and Execute for Success

And finally, from episode 204. Avery Carl: How to streamline and grow to triple your business.

Jere interviews the world’s most renowned and best real estate agents around the country and the world.
These outstanding Agents tell their stories, how they got into the business, and what has made them successful in one of the oldest and most competitive industries.

All of this on the “Jere Metcalf Podcast, Top Real Estate Agents tell how they do it.”

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Andrew shares some tips on how to select a real estate broker
He talks on adopting virtual reality tours in real estate market
Does the virtual reality storefront helps to make business
How did Andrew develop his business
Shawn shares his journey on Sotheby's International Realty Canada
Building relationships: Risk or Opportunities
How did he kind of propel with agents in Toronto
A little bit about his experience with investing
How Avery got started
How Avery wins clients building a community and openly sharing all she knows
What Avery attributes to her level of success
How Avery generates leads and runs her team